Bachelor Degree program of MICE and Culture Creativity Industry Management

Course TitleDescription
Consumer BehaviorThis course introduces customers' attitude and the factors contributing consumer behaviors to assist corporations, organizations and marketing personnel in strenthening their marketing skills.
EconomicsThis course introduces the principles of economics, and teaches students to use tools when analyzing data and exploring global economic problems and phenomenon.
Project ManagementThis course is designed to equip students with professional knowledge and skills in project management. Course contents include theories, methods and practical work. Students who complete this course will be able to apply the framework to effectively manage a project.
ManagementThis course primarily discusses the basic concepts and theories of management, including planning, organization, leadership, control, and the evolution of management thoughts along with the applications.
Marketing ManagementThis course introduces the internal and external environments of marketing to help learners gain a general understanding of marketing management.
Graduate MakeThis course is mainly to integrate students' professional knowledge and industry experience, and skills acquired in off-campus internships, to cultivate individual thinking and integration skills. It also summarizes the professional abilities of creation or dissertation publishing of the majors, and presents them through graduation performances.
Web Page Designing and Website PlanningThis course aims to teach students to create a simple but well-designed website using GOOGLE sites.
Multimedia Web Designing and ProgramingIn the technologically advanced digital era, interactive media has become an epic in the field of art and is popular with young students. This course focuses on the understanding of interactive multimedia design, design basis, and practical operation teaching, leading students into the field of interactive digital art creation.
Introduction to Management in the Healthcare IndustryThis course will introduce the overview of the health industry including the environment, laws, applications of management and various business models of firms or organizations in the healthy industry.
Interpersonal and Communication SkillsThis course introduces the interpersonal and communication skills by acknowledging the social perception to understand the importance of interpersonal communication concepts, skills, and context. We try to make students establish good attitude in interpersonal communication by group practices, and strengthen the application of “real inter-act”.
MICE IndustryThe objective of this course is to introduce the concepts of MICE industry including meetings, incentive tourism, and conventions. Teaching methods include lectures, group discussions, and case studies.
Exhibition Planning and Practices for ExhibitorsRecognize the customer relationship management, exhibition marketing and overall marketing strategy of the exhibition. Learn relevant knowledge to facilitate the flexible use of exhibition marketing management.
Practice of ExhibitionThis course is focused on the Exhibition pratique. Diversities of exhibition will be revealed through discussion and oral presentation in order to understand its advantage and disadvantage. The operation considerations will be examined through excursion learning.
Appreciation of MicrofilmAppreciation and discussion of well-known shot films, the elements and methods of script writing, and the actual design and writing of scripts.
Incentive TravelStudents will design an overseas self-help travel plan and use this plan to invite students to support and participate
Meeting Planning and ManagementThe objective of this course is to introduce the concepts of MICE industry including meetings, Conference, planning and implementing multinational and cross-cultural activities and other issues. It also discusses the knowledge, skills, skills, and cross-cultural sensitivities needed by convention and exhibition professionals, all of which are indispensable skills in the workplace today.
Creative CopywritingThis course teaches students the knowledge and in-depth understanding of creative copywriting, and actually interprets and analyzes individual creative copywriting, as well as teaching creative copywriting skills.
Composite media applicationsThis course is a studio based curriculum which focus on a product cooperate different materials. Students will be encouraged to use multiple materials which encounter understanding of different materials and explore the possibilities of expression.
Exhibition copywritingThis course is designed to enhance students' understanding of MICE as well as relevent terminologies.
Industry Apprenticeship and ResearchIndustry exploration and research will teach students to use a systematic approach to understand the status of the industry, and then explore the key industries success factors and industrial profitability, and found the advantages of enterprises, the development of competitive strategy.
Introduction to Design and culturalCulture is a strong and powerful foundation in the potential inner depth of the design. Through the design, the characteristics of the culture itself can be displayed in a unique style. The two stimulate each other's emotions, thinking and aesthetics in different fields. Create outstanding works.
Aesthetic in ImageDiscuss the aesthetic experience of visual images, including any visual aesthetics (painting architecture photography drama film new media ... etc.)
Micro movie script designAppreciation and discussion of well-known shot films, the elements and methods of script writing, and the actual design and writing of scripts.
Interpreting SkillTour guide services is an aesthetic art, and this course trains students to interact with tourists through "story telling." With the understanding of the definitions and principles of tour guide services, students can learn to organize tourism materials in areas of the environment, history, folk activities, religious events, and the history as well as the attributes of the aboriginal culture.